Are solar lights tacky?

Are solar lights tacky?

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Solar lights are a green and cost effective way to light the outdoors without using grid electricity. They are available in various designs, shapes, and sizes.

However before installing these solar powered garden lights many new users wants to know are solar lights tacky?

If you are one among them then this post is for you. In this article, I will uncover this question for you.

Key Takeaway: Modern solar lights are not tacky. They look stylish and elegant.

What can make solar lights look tacky?

There are various elements that can make a solar light look tacky. Out of those various elements three major ones are: poor design of the solar light, cheap quality of the plastic material used in the making of solar LED lights, poor illumination coming from them.

Poor design of solar light

A poorly designed solar light will look cheap and of low quality. A good design looks appealing.

Poor plastic quality

Most of the solar powered LED lights that are in the market are made up of plastic. Plastic is also of various types. Low grade, high grade.

A solar light built with low grade plastic will look dead cheap no matter how good the performance is.

Poor illumination power

If your solar lights are not illuminating enough light that can also make them look of low quality.

Are garden solar lights tacky?

Garden solar lights are used to provide light to garden area during the night and dark. Not only providing the illumination to the garden, they also work in the landscaping and adding aesthetic look to the garden.

If the garden solar lights will be tacky then the garden may not look much appealing.

The earlier solar garden lights that were available in the market used to look tacky but as the industry grew innovations in design happened.

Now the solar garden lights that are available in the market are designed beautifully keeping the aesthetics and portability of the garden solar energy powered lights.

Solar garden lights doesn’t look tacky(leaving aside some exceptions) anymore. They are available in various beautiful designs and sizes.

For example look at these outdoor solar lights for garden. See how beautiful they are looking and adding pleasant looks to the garden.

This image is clicked by Michael Coghlan. In this some solar lights are in the crane shape, some in the bowl shape, some regular ones, some are garden spot lights.

Look at the colors of these solar lights.

garden solar lights crane

Or look at these leaf shaped garden solar lights image clicked by Hefin Owen. See how beautiful these colorful LED garden solar lights are looking.

leaf shaped solar lights

Or these solar string lights for garden clicked by Flare. In this image you can see how pleasing these blue solar string lights are illuminating the garden.


Garden solar lights are a good option to bring illumination to gardens. The earlier solar lights manufactured for gardens were somewhat tacky but nowadays this is not the case.

Innovation in design has made modern solar garden lights look pleasant and beautiful. They don’t look tacky anymore(exceptions do exist).

I hope you got the answer.