Can I use energizer rechargeable batteries for solar lights?

Can I use energizer rechargeable batteries for solar lights?

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With solar lights becoming a popular alternative for lighting outdoors and indoors without grid electricity it has become more important to keep them maintained.

One key component of solar powered lights is their battery which helps storing electric charge during the day and supplying it in the night to the LED bulbs of solar lights.

Although solar powered lights come with rechargeable battery installed from manufacturer sometimes it becomes a need to replace it.

If you are thinking to replace it with Energizer rechargeable batteries and unsure by the thought can I use energizer rechargeable batteries for solar lights? then this article is for you.

Quick Answer: Yes, you can use energizer rechargeable batteries for solar lights.

In this article, I have explained all the details about using a Energizer rechargeable battery in your solar lights and few things to consider before replacing the battery.

Reasons Of Replacing Battery In Solar Lights?

There can be many reasons that are responsible for the replacement of battery in solar lights.

The three major ones that might be compelling you to replace the battery in your solar light are:

  1. You encountered some fault in your solar powered battery,
  2. Your solar powered light battery has become old and weak,
  3. You want to upgrade your battery to a higher capacity one.

Why Rechargeable Batteries Are Used In Solar Powered Lights?

The major reason why rechargeable batteries are used in solar energy lights is that they need to be used again and again everyday.

Since solar powered lights are portable lights running without grid electricity, then need some kind of storage where electric charge generated by solar panels of solar light can be stored and used at dark or in night.

With everyday use the battery gets discharged everyday. If the battery will be on non-rechargeable type your solar enabled led lights will work for a few days after which the battery will discharge completely. In this case you will need to replace the battery again and again after every few days.

Plus, your solar powered LED lights may also encounter some technical faults.

Using rechargeable batteries will solve this problem letting you use your lights for years without any hassle.

Types Of Rechargeable Batteries Used In Solar Lights

Solar enabled lights are portable and compact. Their main purpose is to light the outdoor and indoors of your house without the use of grid power.

To keep the solar light’s design small and portable the equipment that needs to installed in them also needs to be small.

For this reason in mostly all solar powered led lights you will find AA and AAA rechargeable batteries.

The double AA or triple AAA type of batteries are cylindrical in shape and available in different sizes.

AA batteries have higher charge storage capacity than AAA rechargeable batteries.

This makes the solar light manufacturers task easy in keeping the solar powered light design compact.

Do Energizer Manufacture Rechargeable Batteries?

Energizer is a renowned battery manufacturer working since year. They manufacture different kind of batteries. Rechargeable batteries are one among them.

Energizer manufactures NiMH rechargeable batteries in AA and AAA sizes in different charge storing capacities.

energizer AA and AAA rechargeable batteries

Fact – Energizer uses 15% recycled materials in their NiMH batteries to reduce pollution.

Can you use energizer rechargeable batteries in solar lights?

Solar lights use rechargeable batteries to work. Replacing the batteries in your solar powered light will have no impact on its performance. It will increase your solar light’s lifespan.

Yes, you can use energizer rechargeable batteries in solar lights. But before replacing the battery, just ensure that you check the manufacturing information written on your solar energy lights.

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As stated above NiMH rechargeable batteries are manufactured by Energizer. So make sure to check which capacity battery will be best for your solar powered lights.

You can also look at what type of battery is installed in them to avoid any fault.

If the battery installed in your solar powered light is NiCd and you are considering replacing it with NiMH type then you can take help of this article: Can I replace NiCd with NiMH batteries in solar lights?

Will energizer rechargeable batteries work in solar lights?

Yes, energizer rechargeable batteries will work perfectly fine in your solar lights. They are designed to work in all type of everyday use solar lights.


Having the right kind of battery installed in your solar energy LED lights is very important. Without a proper working battery the solar light will not work fine.

If you are looking to replace your solar powered batteries with Energizer rechargeable batteries you can safely do.

If you want to do a comparison with some other rechargeable battery manufacturing brand like Duracell before replacing the battery you can check that article here Can Duracell Rechargeable Batteries Be Used In Solar Lights?

For more such information of solar lights and their maintenance you can check my page on solar energy powered LED lights.