Can you put solar lights in mulch?

can you put solar lights in mulch

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Solar lights being portable devices can be easily installed anywhere. From outdoor to indoors, all the options are open for them.

If you have come here looking for the answer to: can you put solar lights in mulch? then you have come to the right place.

In this post, I will be sharing my opinion on placing solar lights in mulch with you. So let’s read.

Key Takeaway: Yes, solar lights can be placed in the mulch.

Can solar lights be placed in mulch?

There are few things which needs to be answered before coming to the main question. These are:

What is mulch?

Mulch is any kind of material (leaves, newspaper, wood chips, etc.) which is used for covering the outer layer of soil in garden, lawn or a landscape. It is mostly done to retain the moisture and making the landscape look beautiful.

Possible problems placing solar lights in mulch?

Before placing the solar powered lights in mulch it is also very important to look at the possible issues which can be encountered after putting the sun powered lights in the mulch.

As you know that mulch is placed near trees and plants in the garden or lawn, there can be few problems which you can encounter when putting solar powered lights in mulch.

I have summarized the list of problems in the form of a table. Here it is:

When placed near the plants and trees.Shade on the device. Less charging.
Closer to the ground.Possibility of getting covered with dust, soil and other materials.
Solar light heating.Can cause fire if mulch material is dry.

Now after learning about the possible issues part about installing solar lights in mulch, it is time to learn how you can put them in the soil for gaining max performance.

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Ways to put solar powered lights in mulch safely?

There are two things which can be helpful for putting solar lights in the ground. These are:

1. Using stakes

Since mulch is used as a covering material which is used for laying on the surface of soil/ground, the solar powered light may get covered up with soil, water, or mulch itself. For that purpose, solar lights with stakes will be the best fit for mulch.

If solar lights without stakes will be put in the mulch, it can not properly work. You may face performance problems.

Solar lights also requires battery to work, so, there can be stance where the solar light may got heat up and cause fire in the mulch( if the mulch is dry).

Therefore, it is important to put them in such a way that they do not come directly in contact with the mulch.

2. Position of light

An area covered with plants and trees will not be a good option for solar lights. So, placing the solar powered lights in such directions where they can receive ample sunlight for charging is also very important.


Mulch is a useful material for the protection and landscaping of the ground. Using solar lights, we can bring aesthetic look to the plants and the garden.

If right kind of solar powered lights are used for mulch, then it is completely safe using solar lights in mulch.

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