Can you replace bulbs in solar lights?

Can you replace bulbs in solar lights?

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Your solar lights are not bright as they used to be before? Considering replacing the bulbs in your solar light but unsure? Don’t worry!

In this article, I have braked down the question can you replace bulbs in solar lights?

Quick Answer :- Yes, you can replace bulbs in solar lights.

What type of bulbs are used in solar lights?

In solar lights the most important component is the light bulb. Without it the solar powered light is of no use.

In most of the solar lights that you see today, Light emitting diodes or LED bulbs are used.

A LED is made up of a semiconductor material that allows the current to flow in only one path. The movement of the current in the opposite direction is restricted by it.

This mechanism is made to protect the LED’s from the overflow of the voltage. Thus preventing it from being damaged.

When electricity is passed through these light emitting diodes photons are produced creating light.

reasons of bulb replacement in solar lights?

There are many reasons that can account for the replacement of LED bulbs in your solar powered light. The most common ones, I have listed below.

1. Ageing Bulbs

The foremost and major reason for replacing the bulbs in your solar light is that your solar lights may have become old due to which the LED bulbs installed in them have become dim and dull.

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2. Higher lumens

The second reason you might be considering to change the bulb in your solar light is because your solar lights are not bright and you want more brightness to be emitted out by your solar light.

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3. Fault

Third reason can be due to the occurrence of any technical fault in the circuit board of the solar lights.

how to replace bulbs in solar lights?

After learning about the type of bulbs used in solar lights and possible reasons of replacing the solar light LED bulbs its time to know how you can replace the LED bulbs in your solar enabled light.

To replace LED bulbs in your solar light you will first need to open the solar powered light, unwire the LED lights board from the main circuit board, put new LED lights board in place of the old one, and again connect the LED board to the main circuit board.

Typically LED’s in a solar light are connected to the main PCB/ circuit board like the one given below in photo. Here I am using a motion sensor solar light to demonstrate you how to do this.

solar light led bulb change

In the photo you can see that the LED board is at top with blue and red wires connecting to the main circuit.

To replace the LED bulbs you will just need to unwire this board from the PCB board and replace it with a new board.

solar powered light bulb change circuit board
solar powered led bulb light

Just make sure to use LED light board according to the capacity of the battery installed in the solar light.

If the lumens of the new LED light board are high and the capacity of the battery is low, the battery will drain out quicky leaving your outdoor dark in the night.

To know about the right kind of LED’s for your solar powered light, look at the manufacturing information given on the product. This way you will be able to get the performance from your new bulbs of your solar light.


Although lifespan of LED bulbs is big enough but for some reasons they may need to replaced.

Through this article I showed you that Yes, LED bulbs in solar lights can be replaced and how to do it safely.

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