Can you turn solar lights Off at night?

Can you turn solar lights off at night?

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Although solar lights are made to work in the night but for some reasons you might be wondering can you turn solar lights OFF at night? If you are, then this post is for you.

In this post, I will tell you can solar lights be switched OFF at night? So let’s dive in.

Key Takeaway: Yes, you can turn solar lights OFF at night.

Need to turn OFF solar lights in the night?

There can be many reasons which might be compelling you to switch Off the solar powered light in the night. Out of the many reasons three are the major ones. These are:

1. Protect battery from over discharging

The first and major reason to switch OFF the solar powered LED lights is to protect the battery of solar lights from over discharging.

Battery is a very important component of the solar lights and if it will become weak your solar light will not perform well.

Clouds or rain during the day can hamper the charging rate of the rechargeable batteries of the solar lights leading the battery to not charged to its full capacity.

This will led the battery to supply electricity to the LED’s in not fully charged mode leading to possible over discharge of batteries.

2. Protection from theft

Second important reason is you want your sun energy powered LEDs from thieves. Switching solar lights OFF mode is also a great way to save them from theft.

Maybe you are going out somewhere and there is no one to look at your home.

In that case you might be thinking to close your solar lights to protect them from coming in the eyes of thieves and burglars.

3. LED Malfunction

Third reason is malfunctioning of solar lights LEDs. LED lights used in the solar powered lights can become faulty or start malfunctioning.

Maybe your solar lights might be blinking or flashing and you want to look out for the reason.

In that case too, it becomes important to switch OFF the solar LEDs.

Should you turn solar lights off at night?

If there is a situation like those which I stated above or something else which may require you to switch OFF the lights at night than you can switch OFF the solar lights at night without any thinking.

There is no harm in switching them OFF and it will have no effect on its performance or lifespan.

How do you turn off solar lights?

Turning OFF solar lights is very simple. You will just need to look out for the ON/OFF switch on your solar lights.

Once you have located the switch just turn the ON mode to OFF mode and you have successfully switched OFF the sun powered LEDs.


Solar lights are made to illuminate in the night or dark. But there can be situations where you might need to switch OFF the solar lights.

In such conditions there is no harm in switching the solar energy powered LEDs in the night.

It is completely safe to switch the solar lights to OFF mode in the night.