Do solar lights work in a greenhouse?

do solar lights work in a greenhouse

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Do you have a greenhouse installed away from home which you want to power using solar lights for growing plants but unsure by the thought, do solar lights work in a greenhouse? then, this post is for you.

In this post, I have braked down whether solar lights will work in a greenhouse or not? so let’s look.

Key takeaway: Yes, solar lights can work in a greenhouse but there are other factors which also needs to be looked.

Will solar lights work in a greenhouse?

To know whether solar lights will work in a greenhouse or not its important to look at certain factors. These are those factors which have a impact on the working of solar light. Here are those factors:

1. Area of greenhouse

The first factor that needs to be checked is in how much area are you thinking to install solar lights in the greenhouse.

The area where you want to install the solar powered lights is small or big? this is a important factor to consider.

2. Temperature inside the greenhouse

Greenhouse structures are primarily used in winters or cold areas for trapping heat and growing crops and other vegetation.

There is a temperature range in which greenhouses establishment works best. To have a functioning greenhouse, it is important to keep the temperature in the range of 10-25o Celsius.

3. Covering material

Since greenhouses are made for artificially creating a warm environment, greenhouses use covering materials for trapping heat inside. These materials are made up of different types. Each type of the material will have its unique ability to penetrate the sunlight inside.

Common materials used for covering the greenhouses are glass, polyethylene, polycarbonate, and polyvinyl carbonate.

Now after learning about those factors let’s come back to the main question.

In my post, do solar lights work in a conservatory, I have talked about the ideal temperature required for the normal functioning of the solar powered lights. It is below 35o Celsius.

Secondly, in the post, do solar lights work under trees I have shown the effect of trees on the working of solar lights.

Also solar powered lights requires 6-8 hours of sunlight to charge.

Now as we saw above that the ideal temperature in a greenhouse needs to be above 10 degree Celsius and below 25 degree Celsius.

This satisfies our first criteria about the temperature condition of the solar powered light to work in a greenhouse.

But if you have trees nearby your greenhouse structure then you need to place the lights where they can receive sunlight or use solar powered lights with wired panel for better efficiency.


Greenhouses are great for growing crops in a controlled environment. They can be of various sizes and materials.

Incoming solar radiation, temperature and material of the greenhouse will play a major role in the working of solar powered lights to work in a greenhouse.

That said, yes, you can safely install solar powered lights in your greenhouse to light and growing plants.