Do solar lights work under a gazebo?

do solar lights work under a gazebo

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If you have a gazebo in your outdoor area and you want to light it up using solar lights, but unsure by the question: do solar lights work under a gazebo? then you are on the right post.

In this post, I have break down the answer to can solar lights be any good for gazebo? so let’s look.

Key Takeaway: Yes, solar lights work under a gazebo.

Can solar lights work in a gazebo?

A gazebo is a structure which is usually built in the outdoor space. What it means for us is that it has ample scope of sunlight coming into it from all four directions.

Gazebos are of different shape and sizes with pillars and a roof on the top.

Solar lights being devices which uses sunlight to convert Photovoltaic energy into electric, when placed in such positions where sunlight is penetrating, will work.

In the case of gazebos, they are open structures. Sunlight reaches inside of the gazebo easily.

So inside the gazebo, if the solar powered lights will be placed in such positions where they can receive sunlight during the daytime, they will surely work.

In the gazebo, there are three places where you can install these solar lights.

  1. On the gazebo floor
  2. Pillars
  3. Hanging from gazebo roof

Below I have summarized the sunlight falling and its output in different locations.

Gazebo AreaEnergy Generation
On the floorLess
Hanging from roomSatisfactory

1. On gazebo floor

In case of installing them at the floor, with direction of sunlight changing, this is possible that the solar powered lights may not receive ample sunlight. Also there can be other objects on the floor which can obstruct the sun rays.

If less sunlight intensity, less energy generation. Output can be low in this case.

2. On gazebo pillars

Pillars being vertical structures, if the solar lights will be installed on the pillars, sunlight energy generation will be satisfactory(because of the angle of sunlight falling).

For maximum performance output, you can install them on the pillars of the gazebo.

3. Hanging from gazebo roof

This condition is similar to the pillar one. Just the difference is in this condition the solar lights will be hanged from inside the roof of the gazebo.

When lights will be hanged at such height from where sunlight can reach them easily, there will be no issue in energy generation.

But, in all the three cases one thing has to be taken note of. As the sun will change its direction, the lights facing the sun will charge more then those which are not in the direct contact with the sunlight. But all will charge. Some less, some more.


Gazebos are outdoor structures which are mostly built in parks and gardens. They are excellent places to sit and relax.

Sometimes, its becomes quite difficult to bring grid connected light to them. In this situation, solar lights comes to rescue.

Solar lights are excellent devices which can be easily installed in the gazebo. Plus they are economical and easy to use.

If you have a gazebo built in your outdoor garden or park and you are in doubt about installing solar lights there, then I assume this post have cleared off all your confusion.

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