How can I light my shed without electricity? 5 ways

how can I light my shed without electricity

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If you have a shed in your garden or yard without the supply of electricity, always dark from inside ,and this question is hitting in your head that How can I light my shed without electricity? then this post is for you.

In this post, I will tell you about 5 simple and affordable solutions you can try to bring light to your shed without the use of electricity. Quick tip: Solution no. 5 is the best.

how to light a shed without power

There are 5 ways that can be used to light a shed without power or using grid electricity.

These solutions are: Adding extra windows, using artificial lighting like candles/kerosene lanterns, making shed roof transparent, and using solar powered led lights.

1. add windows to the shed

The first solution is installing windows on the shed wall. Sheds come in different variants. Some contains windows and some don’t. Those without windows remain dark from inside even during the day time.

So, the first thing you can do is try to add additional glass windows to your shed.

With a window in place more natural light from outside can penetrate inside the storage shed making it easier for you to work there.

2. use candle or candle lamps

Since the area of sheds is generally not too big, this second solution will also work great for you.

The second solution is to use wax candles or candle lanterns inside the shed. This is a cheap and quick solution to bring light to your shed but you may need to use 2-3 candles every night.

3. kerosene lantern

Third easy solution for lighting up a shed is using a kerosene lantern for sheds. This solution is much better than the use of candles.

You will just need to buy a kerosene lantern of sufficient capacity and fill it up with kerosene oil. This is great solution that can work in both day and night conditions plus it is affordable.

4. transparent roof

Most of the sheds that are available in the market comes with solid, non-transparent roof. To bring light to your shed you can DIY convert it into a shed transparent roof.

There are various materials that are available in the market which can be used to make roof transparent like toughened glass, transparent PVC material, etc.

In case you don’t want to make the whole roof transparent then you can make a small portion of the roof transparent.

This solution will work best during the day.

5. solar powered shed lights

This is far the best solution for your shed lighting. Instead of using candles, lanterns, etc. you can just invest in some good solar powered shed lights.

If your requirement is just to light up the shed than this will be the best, cheap and affordable setup for your shed.

Using solar lights you can light up both interior and exterior of your shed area.

One important thing to note here is since solar lights require sunlight to charge and work, therefore you will need to install those solar lights that come with wired panels so that they can be mounted on the roof to charge the solar light’s batteries.

This method will prevent you from various hassles and will save your time.


Sheds are built slightly away from the main home. They are excellent places for storage of outdoor applications like gardening tools, bikes, things which can’t be stored inside the main house, etc.

But the presence of darkness inside the shed in absence of light can be a obstacle for the use of shed. These methods to light up your shed are easy and affordable to bring brightness inside your outdoor shed.

Also if you have a garage than try these methods: lighting ideas for garage without power.

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