How do you light a tree without electricity? 3 ways

how do you light a tree without electricity

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If you have trees in your outdoor garden and you want to light them up artificially, or Christmas is near, but stuck and wants to know how do you light a tree without electricity? then you are at the right post.

In this post, I have listed down 3 possible and practical ways which you can use to light a tree artificially without electricity.

Key Takeaway: You can light a tree without electricity using gas lanterns, portable generators, and portable outdoor solar lights.

Lighting a tree without power artificially

I have listed down three practical methods that are best for lighting tree without power.

1. using gas lantern

The first method that you can use to lighten up the tree is using portable gas lantern. Gas lanterns are portable lighting equipment that doesn’t require electricity to light. They requires gas and wick to light.

Gas lanterns being portable, can be installed easily on trees. You just need to light them up when the dusk arrives. They also don’t wear and tear easily. Easy to maintain and use.

There are various kinds of lanterns that are available in the market that you can use for decorating a tree with lights.

2. using portable generator

The second method is little bit expensive but can generate enough power to light the trees. This method is by using portable electricity generators.

Portable diesel generators can be a great fit for decorating your outdoor or backyard area trees with lights. They are lightweight, compact and requires very less space to work.

Just some wiring installation and gas will be required to make your tree shine. Also, they are easy to carry, maintain, and budget friendly.

3. Using Portable tree solar lights

This is far most the best solution for lighting outdoor trees. If your budget is tight and you don’t want to spend on generators, then this is the most economical solution in long term.

As solar lights use solar power to charge and trees are located outside in the open, this method is great fit for them.

With so many options of designer solar tree lights available in the market, it will be a breeze to install them and watch your tree shine during the night automatically.

Plus this will cost you a fraction of what the generator will cost and can be used for long term without the hassle of refueling or manually lighting them up.

Just make sure to buy solar lights which have good battery storage capacity.


Trees not only provide us with oxygen but also plays a great role in the beautification of landscape. During Christmas and other festivals their role becomes more important.

A well lit tree will not only look beautiful, but also adds charm to your backyard and overall area.

All of the methods that I have listed above are very practical and budget friendly. You can use any of the ways to light up the trees according to your need, but If I had to chose one option from them, then my go to bet will be on portable solar lights.

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