How to keep solar lights from falling over? 3 fixes

how to keep solar lights from falling over

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If you are looking for how to keep solar lights from falling over? then, this post is for you.

In this post, I have listed down all the possible ways that can be applied to keep the solar light in place.

Key Takeaway: To keep solar lights from falling over three things can be done: putting a small fence nearby solar lights, using concrete for base, and replacing short length stakes with long height stakes.

But before that let’s first look at possible reasons which causes solar lights to tilt or fall.

Reasons why solar powered lights get tilted

A major problem that many of us faces while using solar powered lights is keeping them straight. There can be many reasons for their fall but three reasons are major. These three reasons are mostly responsible for the tilting/falling over of solar lights. These reasons are:

1. Animals

The first reason you find your solar lights laid on ground is due to the trespassing by stray animals.

When your solar lights are in outdoor conditions your solar lights become more vulnerable to outside disturbances. Your solar lights get tilted or completely get laid on the ground due to trespassing of stray animals.

2. By natural forces – wind/rain

Second reason that can tilt solar powered lights is strong pressure of winds and rain.

Solar lights get destabilize after coming in contact with high speed winds and turbulent rains. With constant pressure being build up on them they get tilted to a side or completely fall down from their place.

3. Stake height and depth

Third important reason for the falling of the solar powered lights from their place is height of the stake. Solar powered lights with less height can’t be put deep in the ground.

If the stake is not installed up to a good depth there are high chances that solar powered lights may fall from their angle.

How to stabilize solar powered lights

Solar lights are portable in nature. Their compact and small nature makes them vulnerable to be get mishandled by animals, passersby’s, and natural forces(wind, rain, etc.).

This not only decrease their working efficiency but also lowers their age. There are certain methods that can be applied to solar powered lights for protecting them from falling over.

Lets discuss the methods in detail for preventing solar powered lights from falling over.

1. Put small fence nearby them

To protect solar lights from animals, you can create a small fence around the solar lights for protection. This will create a obstruction for the stray animals and your solar lights will remain untouched by them.

I am not saying that you should build high fences but high enough that animals will not come closer to the lights.

This method will also prevents the human beings too, which may come come closer accidently to the solar lights.

2. Using concrete or other material for grounding

If solar lights will be installed over a base they will remain fix on their position.

Concrete is a material which can help in stabilizing the solar lights and keeping them straight. Concrete will help in building a base for your solar powered lights.

Just a small amount of concrete mixture will save you from lot of hassles. You can even use bricks to attach them.

3. Replace stake

Most of the solar powered lights that are available in the market comes with short length stakes. By replacing them with long stakes, so that they can be put deep in the ground will be a great solution for protecting solar lights from tilting.


Solar lights come in various sizes. But most of the outdoor solar lights are small and compact. Various factors like animals, wind/rain, humans, etc. can contribute to the falling over of solar lights.

For getting best results from the solar powered lights it is very important to keep them straight and tilt free. If tilting will be there it will not be good for the overall performance of the lights.

Using the methods listed above you can surely protect your solar powered lights from tilting.

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