How to light a garage without electricity? 5 methods

how to light a garage without electricity

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If you have a garage which you may be don’t want to light up using grid power and wants to know how to light a garage without electricity? then this post is for you.

In this post, I have given all the solutions that can be used to light up a garage without power.

So, let’s look at these lighting ideas for garage without power.

how to light up a garage without electricity

Considering the usage of garage it is very essential to keep light and brightness inside it. But using electricity can have a effect on the power bills. These solutions listed below will not only help to manage your power bills will also be a great option to remove darkness from the garage.

There are 5 solutions to light a garage without electricity. These solutions are: using a propane or natural gas lamp, rechargeable battery powered led lights, portable generators, small solar system, and solar powered lights.

1. propane gas lamp

The first thing that you can use to light up your garage is using a propane filled gas lamp. From very early times these type of lamps are in use when no grid power was available.

These are compact, off-grid, safe to use, low-maintenance product, and bright enough to light up your garage.

Alternatively natural gas lamps can also be used. Both of them are clean burning fuels which can be used safely indoors.

2. rechargeable battery powered leds

Second solution you can apply to light up your garage is using rechargeable battery powered led lights.

There are led lights available in the market which are coming pre-installed with rechargeable batteries. These batteries can be charged using grid electricity at home or office.

If your garage is attached to your home and you can take them there to charge anytime than this is a must have solution to try.

Pro tip: If you don’t want to invest in battery powered led light than in its place you can use a old battery of car to light up the LED’s.

3. portable generator for garage

Third solution if your budget allows is to use a portable generator for generating electricity. Portable generators use less fuel then the conventional ones and can be a good option to light up garage without power.

You can even use it to power other things of your garage.

4. Small solar system for garage

This solution will be a much better option for lighting up a garage. Unlike generators, solar system for garage will be independent of fuel and cost a one time investment.

A small solar system will consist of a 200-300 watt solar panel, a battery, and a charge controller.

This small but powerful system will be more than enough to bring light to your garage.

5. Rechargeable solar lights

If you don’t want to go with a full solar system than the next best option you can try is using garage solar lights.

Solar lights come in various lumen brightness and battery life. To light up your garage solar lights can be easily used.

You just have to make the estimate on how many solar lights will suffice for your garage.

Solar lights can be used both for indoors and outdoor area of your garage. Just make sure to purchase those solar powered lights in which the panel is not directly attached to them but have a extended wire connection.

This will help to mount the panels on the roof or in the direction of sunlight.


Garage is an indispensable part of modern houses. It is primarily used for parking cars and other vehicles. Apart from that it is also used as a storage facility.

So lighting it up is very important. These lighting ideas for garage without power are used by many to bring light to their garages.

These are affordable and hassle free. So try them once.

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