How to light up a room without electricity?

How to light up a room without electricity?

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Are you facing power outages in your area? Or Looking for creative ways for how to light up a room without electricity? then this article is for you.

Whether it’s a power outage or simply wanting to reduce your carbon footprint, there are plenty of alternatives to electric lighting for your room.

From natural light sources like sunlight and fire borne sources like candles to modern technologies like solar-powered lights and LEDs, this article will explore various methods to illuminate your space sustainably and economically.

In this article, I have provided solutions that you can use to light your room without power. So let’s dive in.

Key takeaway: To light up a room without electricity traditional/non-electric light sources, battery powered light sources, and indoor solar powered light sources are used.

How to illuminate a room without electricity?

Illuminating a dark room is not that hard. There are various ways which you can use to brighten a dark room real quick.

For the ease of reading I have divided all those methods into three parts. These three methods are:

  1. Non-electric light sources
  2. Battery powered light sources
  3. Indoor solar lights
How to illuminate a room without electricity?

1. Non electric light sources to light the room

Non electric light sources are those light sources which do not require electricity to illuminate. They use fuels like oil, wood, gas, etc. to generate light.

To light a room without electricity or batteries there are various traditional non electric light sources that can be used. The major ones I have listed below.


The first non electric light source that you can use to illuminate your room is candles. Candles are the cheapest way to light a room without electricity.

Candles do not require any kind of electricity to light up. Just ignite the wick of candle and you get the light.

You can buy some candles from the nearby store or online and put them to use whenever you encounter dark in the room.

Just make sure to keep some window or air vent open to keep the flow of air coming in and go to prevent build up of carbon and other gases in the room.


The second way to remove the darkness from the room is using Lanterns. Lanterns are more advance traditional lighting tool than the candles.

There are various types of lanterns available in the market like kerosene lantern and gas lantern.

Lanterns are a great option to light a room without using any electricity or battery.

They are portable, provides good light , and are safe to use.

One important thing to note about the lanterns is that their wick is enclosed inside a glass chamber which prevents the black soot and other harmful gases to leak into the room making it a much safer option then the candles.

Glow sticks

A glow stick is another great option for brightening up the room without electricity.

A glow stick is a plastic tube containing two isolated chemicals(one in the plastic tube and other one in a glass tube inside the plastic tube) which when gets combine together on bending the stick produce illuminance.

They are inexpensive, portable, and easy to purchase. You can find them anywhere at the nearby stores.

Open windows

This option is for the day time. If you have a room which is nearby to outdoors from where the light can come inside then you can take advantage of this option.

Opening the windows will bring natural light to your room without using any other light sources.


You might be wondering why I included mirrors in this list. But they are a great source to illuminate a room. Mirrors can be used to reflect light inside the room creating more brightness in the room.

Placing 2-3 mirrors at appropriate places can help in magnifying the brightness of the light.

2. Battery powered light sources

Battery powered light sources are those light sources which requires a battery to light.

They are more convenient to use than the traditional light sources and produce more bright light. Major battery powered light sources are listed below.


Flashlights are great option to light up the room in emergency situations. They are powered by dry cell non-rechargeable batteries. Flashlights are portable, varied capacity, and available in various lumens.

You can use flashlights to focus on objects in the dark.

Battery powered LED lights

Battery powered LED lights can come very handy if a emergency situation arise. For the battery powered LED lights to be worked they need to charged from some electric source.


Battery powered lamps are again a great option to add ambience to a dark room. Whether you have them in your bedroom, living room, etc. they will provide bright light to your room.

Battery powered lamps are available in various battery capacity and lumens.

3. Solar powered lights

The last and the best solution to light up a dark room is to use indoor solar powered lights.

Unlike the traditional battery powered lights which require some sort of grid electricity to get charged solar LED lights do not require any kind of grid or additional electricity to charge and shine.

They are portable, contains rechargeable batteries, and works on the power of sun to charge and illuminate. So even if there is no electricity in the area for many days you don’t need to worry about getting your lights charge.

Whether you have a small room or a big room indoor solar powered lights can fit very well anywhere.


Lighting a room without electricity is not that hard. With all those methods that I have listed above you can easily brighten up your room.

I hope you like reading this article.