How to protect solar lights from theft? 8 methods

how to protect solar lights from theft

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Do you have solar lights installed in your outdoor garden or porch area but are worried about the idea of solar lights getting stolen?

In this post, I will tell you how to protect solar lights from theft. So let’s begin.

How do I stop my solar lights from being stolen?

There are mainly eight methods that can be used for saving solar lights from getting stolen. These are:

1. Hang them on a height

The first way to protect the solar lights from being stolen is to hang them up in the air. For this you can use a strong rope tied at a considerable height to protect them from being stolen.

Make sure there is nothing like an elevation below the rope which a thief can use to its advantage for stealing the lights.

2. put them in the ground using concrete

This method will make your solar powered lights 99% theft proof. A mixture of sand, cement and small building material rocks is all you need to prepare the mixture for concrete for your solar lights.

By digging deep holes in the ground and with the help of concrete mixture fix your solar lights in the ground.

This method will provide a great peace of mind towards your sun powered lights.

You can also use the same method for your pavements.

3. Install a security alarm system

What can be better than surprising a thief with a security alarm system.

A security alarm system for solar lights can be a great addition for the safety of your solar led lights from being stolen.

Whenever a burglar will try to break-in into your garden the installed security system will immediately alert you and start beeping creating waves of panic in the thief.

4. mark with identifying information

You might have seen people putting their names or initials on their valuable items to let others know about the owner of the product.

You can use this method on your solar lights(name, initials, etc.). I too have done it on my solar powered motion sensor lights. Below is the screenshot of one among them.

solar light with my name for identification
Solar light with my name on it

This will help in the identification of your solar powered lights and the thief will hesitate in the first place itself to steal it by the idea of being caught up.

5. use wire to tie the lights

This method will require some extra work on your part. In this method you can tie all your solar lights in a wire forming a string.

Now by digging the ground in a line or whatever design you want install this string of solar lights into the ground.

What this will do is once a thief will try to take a solar light out of the ground the wire will prevent it from breaking the chain. The thief will be unable to put it out and your solar light will be saved.

6. fence the area

Putting a fence around the area with wire or building a wall of thorny plants can also be a great way of keeping the thief at a distance from your house.

7. keep a pet dog

If you live in such areas where the possibility of theft is more, or frequent burglary happens there than it will be a good idea to have a pet dog in your home.

This will not only protect you but also keep a vigil on the passersby.

8. Switch them OFF

Switching solar lights to OFF mode for few hours or days is also a solution to protect them LED solar lights from theft.

When the lights will be in OFF mode the potential thief might not be able to find the lights in the dark.


Solar lights are portable devices which makes them highly vulnerable to theft. It is very important to keep them safe from burglars. The methods listed above will surely help in protecting your solar lights from being stolen.

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