Why solar lawn lights not working? 7 reasons

solar lawn lights not working

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Are you suffering from the problem of solar lawn lights not working? then this article is for you.

In this article, I have discussed seven reasons for the not working of lawn solar lights. I have also provided fixes for the reasons.

So let’s dive in.

What is a lawn?

A lawn is a area of grass and small plants in a garden which is used for recreational and leisure purpose.

Lawns are used to play, perform activities and spend time with loved ones. Not only in daytime the lawns are actively used during the nighttime. Solar powered lawn lights are used to light up a lawn in the dark.

Reasons for the not working of the solar lawn lights

There are seven major reasons for the not working of solar lawn lights. All these reasons are listed below.

Battery old or faulty

Old, dead or faulty battery is one of the main reason for the not working of solar lawn lights.

Solar lawn lights batteries have a timespan of 2-3 years. After which they start degrading.

If your solar lawn lights have passed this timeframe it’s time to check their batteries.

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Height of plants

The second reason of not working of solar lawn lights is the height of the plants. In lawns small height plants are planted for beautification purpose.

Solar lawn lights are placed near them to enhance their beauty. If the height of those plants will become much bigger they can restrict the amount of incoming sun light falling over the solar panels of the lawn solar lights.

If sufficient sunlight will not be available to the panels they will generate less electric charge leading to the less battery charging of solar powered lawn lights.

If the solar lawn light batteries will not be charged enough they will not work.

Solar lights got covered in grass

Lawns are made up of grass. Some solar lights are placed very near to the grass. If the grass will become big or it will grow in large number engulfing the solar lawn light it is quiet possible that the panels of the solar lawn lights will also get covered in the grass.

When the panels will get covered in the grass, they will not be able to convert sunlight into electricity hampering the charging of the battery.

Again when the battery will not be charged the sun powered lawn lights will not work in this case too.

Main switch is OFF

Solar lights have ON and OFF switch to save the battery from overuse and increase the lifespan of solar lawn lights.

If the switch is in ON mode it will automatically turn the solar light ON at night or in the dark and when it is OFF it will not turn ON even in the night.

So check if your solar lawn lights are not turned to OFF mode.

Water penetrates

Fifth possible reason is the penetration of water into the solar lawn lights. Although most of the solar lights have IP or water resistant rating it is quiet possible that water can seep into the solar lawn lights.

Water penetration can be due to a damage in the body of the sun energy powered lawn LED lights, poor quality of the plastic used in lawn lights, or natural time degradation.

If the water will reach the inside of solar lawn lights it is possible that it can damage the circuit. If the circuit is damaged the solar lawn light will again not work.

Physical damage

Solar lawn lights are outdoor use item. It encounters various environmental phenomenon like rain, extreme temperatures, and wind.

Due to these environmental factors it is also possible that they got any physical damage.

Physical damage to solar lawn lights can also prevent them from working.


Due to water penetration corrosion starts happening on the switches, batteries, and LEDs of garden solar lights.

This also creates a problem in normal function of the lights.

How to Fix lawn solar lights?

Solar lights are a great option to illuminate the lawns. They not only provides lighting to the grass lawns but also adds to the beauty of the lawn.

Because of the reasons I stated above they can become faulty and stop working. That’s why it also becomes important to know about its fixes.

Solar lawn lights can be fixed by cutting longer height plants, replacing the battery with a new one, leveling the grass, checking the main ON/OFF switch, checking for water seepage inside the light, checking and removing corrosion, and inspecting for any physical damage incurred to the law solar lights.

By doing these fixes I am sure your lawn solar lights will again start working.


Solar lawn lights being electronic devices are not prone from technical faults. Although they have a long life span but they can stop working due to any fault I mentioned in above paragraphs.

In this article, I have provided the reasons and fixes for the not working of lawn solar powered lights.

Using the fixes I provided in this article I am sure you will be able to use them again.

I hope you like the information provided in this article.