What does f and s mean on solar lights?

what does f and s mean on solar lights?

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Do you have F and S written near your solar light’s switch and you are wondering what they are for? then this article is for you.

In this article, I will tell you what does f and s mean on solar lights?

Quick Answer: On solar lights F means flashing mode ON and S means static mode ON.

*Modes here are referred to the lighting modes of light.

In the next paragraphs you will learn about lighting modes and characteristics of F and S lighting modes. So let’s dive in into the article.

What are lighting modes?

Lighting modes are different ways in which a light can be illuminated. Output of light is different in different lighting modes. There are many lighting modes available. F and S are both lighting modes.

Solar light manufactures provide dedicated switches on the solar lights to enable these modes.

Here is a table I created to provide you a quick idea on what F and S in solar lights are and where they are used.

Lighting ModeCharacteristicUse In
F(Flashing mode)Lights turn On and Off alternatively creating a flashing like effect.Signaling and attracting attention.
S(Static mode)Lights remain ON in a steady state.Creating ambience and lighting the area.

F lighting mode

In the flashing mode the light turns ON and Off alternatively creating a blinking or flashing effect.

F or Flashing mode is available in various decorative solar lights. They are used for attracting the attention or for signaling purpose.

It is widely used in string solar lights, tree solar lights, and outdoor solar lights.

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S lighting mode

In S or static mode of solar light the brightness or color of the LED bulbs do not change. They remain in constant state of light for all of the time they are light up.

It is used to light up a area in a natural way by consistently lighting the surroundings.

Most of the outdoor and indoor solar powered lights are of S mode.


F and S are two types of Lighting modes that are available in solar lights. They both are developed for different purposes.

If you want your solar lights to flash F mode of your solar lights will be the option and if you want constant supply of illumination without any break S mode will be suitable.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article.

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