What does w and c mean on solar lights?

What does w and c mean on solar lights

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There are two common words which you will find on most of the solar powered lights. These two words are W and C. What does they mean? What is their significance? All such questions, I will answer in this post.

In this post, I have braked down what does w and c mean on solar lights?

Key takeaway: W on solar light means wattage of the light and C means capacity of the solar powered light.

W and C on solar powered lights

The letters “W” and “C” on a solar light refer to the light’s wattage and capacity, respectively.

I have explained what both terms mean in laymen terms for you. Lets discuss about them in detail.


Wattage (W) is a measure of the light’s brightness. It is used to know how bright the solar powered light will be during use.

The higher the wattage, the brighter the light will be. For example, a 10W solar light will be brighter than a 5W solar light.

For a much better perspective lumens are also used to describe the brightness of solar powered lights.


Capacity (C) is a measure of the light’s battery life. The batteries used in solar lights are rechargeable aa batteries.

The capacity of the battery is expressed in milliamps hours. The higher the capacity, the longer the light will stay on after it is fully charged.

For example, a light with a capacity of 1000mAh will stay on for longer than a light with a capacity of 500mAh.

So, if you see a solar light that is labeled “10W/1000mAh,” that means the light has a wattage of 10W and a capacity of 1000mAh.

Here is a table I made for you that shows the approximate brightness and battery life of solar lights with different wattages and capacities:

WattageBrightnessBattery Life
5WLow4-6 hours
10WMedium6-8 hours
15WHigh8-10 hours
20WVery high10-12 hours

One important thing to note while selecting a solar light is that these are just approximate values.

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The actual working of the solar light is dependent on other factors too.

The actual brightness and battery life of a solar light will depend on a number of factors, including the quality of the light, the amount of sunlight it receives, and the ambient temperature.


W and C on solar lights is the measure of their brightness and battery capacity.

Higher the value, higher the brightness and working time of the solar powered lights.

When choosing a solar light, it is important to consider the amount of brightness and battery life you need.

If you need a light that will be used for security or to illuminate a large area, you will need a light with a higher wattage and capacity. If you only need a light for a small area or for decorative purposes, you can choose a light with a lower wattage and capacity.

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