Why do my solar lights stay ON all the time? 3 reasons

Why do my solar lights stay on all the time?

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If you are solar powered lights are ON all the day and night, and you are wondering why do my solar lights stay ON all the time? then this post is for you.

In this article, I will tell you the possible reasons why your solar lights are ON all the time. So let’s dive in.

Key Takeaway: Solar lights can stay ON all the time because of fault in solar lights sensors, shade on the solar lights, and dirt on the solar lights solar panels.

Faulty light Sensor

The first and major reason for the all time ON of the solar powered lights is a faulty light sensor.

Light sensors, also known as photoresistors or photocells are devices that work by detecting the levels of ambient light in their surroundings.

In solar powered lights, their main function is to turn ON and OFF the light. During the daytime, when the sensor detects sufficient light it sends a signal cutting down the circuit keeping the solar light OFF and when the light intensity decreases it again completes the circuit switching ON the light.

If there will be any fault in the light sensor, this mechanism of the sensor will not work and the solar energy powered light can remain turn ON all the time.

Generally light sensors in solar lights are placed behind the solar panel of light.

To check if the light sensor is faulty try to place your hand on the solar panel. If the light turns OFF then the light sensor is working fine but if it doesn’t turn OFF there is problem in the sensor.

Shadow on the lights

The second reason is closely related to the first one. Shadow is also a kind of darkness. Shadow cab be from trees, nearby buildings, etc.

If there will be shadow on the light and the light sensor detects it as dark it is possible it may turn ON.

To avoid such situation place your solar lights in clean areas where there is minimum possibility of shadow falling over on solar lights.

In one of the articles, I have talked about the best positions for placing solar lights. You can check that for the best placement of solar lights.

Dirt on the solar panels

Third important reason of a continuously ON solar light is dirt on solar panels.

Dirt on solar lights panels can also cause the solar lights to stay ON all the time. Solar lights convert light energy into electrical energy.

If there will be dirt and dust on the panels, the panel may signal that it is dark and the solar light will light up.

To solve this problem, periodically check and remove dirt from the light’s solar panel.

How to fix all time staying ON of solar lights?

To fix every time staying ON of solar powered lights you can replace the light sensors, remove the solar lights from shade, and clean the dirt from the solar panels.

Doing this will surely solve this problem.


Solar lights are a great option to illuminate your outdoor or indoor. But they being electronic device are not prone from technical faults.

If your solar lights are staying ON all the time it can be mainly because of faulty light sensor or dust on the solar panels.

In this article, I have provided you the reasons and fixes for sun powered light staying ON all time.

I hope you like the article.