Can you put solar lights in flower pots?

can you put solar lights in flower pots

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If you are on this page, that means you are looking for an answer to, Can you put solar lights in flower pots? If that’s true then you will find an answer to your question here.

There are four different places where flower pots are usually placed in a home. These four places are:

  1. On the terrace roof
  2. In the balcony
  3. On stairs
  4. On pathways
  5. In the outdoor garden

In this post, I have shared my experience of using solar lights in flower pots. You will find it helpful.

Key takeaway: Yes, solar powered lights can be put in flower pots.

Can you put solar lights in planters?

Flower pots are great for the beautification and landscaping in homes and gardens. They not only adds greenery to our houses but also adds ambience to our living spaces.

But during the night these planters are not visible due to dark. To make these flower pots visible in the night, artificial lights can be used. Using grid connected wired lights can be not a good idea for them. The best solution for these planters can be solar powered lights.

But can these solar powered lights can be used for lighting flower pots during the night? Will it harm the flowers? Will there be any negative effect on the health of the plants in the flower pot. All such questions I will try to answer in this article.

To answer the first question about placing solar lights in flower pots, I am sharing with you the photo of one of my planter with motion sensor solar light placed in it.

Here it is,

Solar light in flower pot
Solar light in my terrace flower pot

Here in the flower pot photo, you can see that I am using solar lights to detect the motion by placing the lights in the roof gardening pot. I wanted to use them for my night movement on my terrace.

I have this solar light placed in the pot since two years and from my personal experience I can honestly say that there is no problem in putting the solar lights in the flower pots.

It also helped me to light the terrace when there was no power in the home.

One thing I noticed in these two years of their working is that when soft, medium intensity lights are used for lighting the planters it helped the plants in their growth and development.

This observation leads to the answer of the second question about the effect of solar lights on the plants. I came to the conclusion that when solar lights with moderate soft intensity lights are used for illuminating the flower pots there is no harm to the plants and their growth.


Flowers in the pots helps in beautifying our homes. They are a great way to increase greenery and add aesthetic look to our gardens and indoor areas. Using solar powered lights we can light them up during the night and can illuminate our garden, pathways, or terrace.

Solar powered lights will be a great companion with your flower pots.

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