Can you use solar light for chicken coop?

Can you use solar light for chicken coop

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If you have a chicken coop installed in your outdoors for your chickens which you want to light using solar powered lights, but unsure whether they will work or not? then this post is for you.

In this post, I have explained in brief can you use solar light for chicken coop?

Key Takeaway: Yes, you can use solar lights for chicken coop.

Structure of a chicken coop

The first thing that we need to understand is the structure of the chicken coop.

Chicken coop is a wooden/steel structure made as a residence for your pet chickens. It is the place where they stay and rest.

The size of chicken house depends upon the number chickens you are rearing. It can range from a few square meters to large room.

chicken coop size

Mostly all of the chicken coops are build with wood, fully covered from all sides. They usually have a entrance door for the entry/exit and may have windows for ventilation.

Inside of the chicken coop remains dark.

Do chickens like a light on at night?

Chickens don’t have a good night vision and may not find their roosting area in the dark.

To provide a path to their roosting area it is a good practice to use some kind of mild light.

How to light up a chicken coop?

Now we know about the basic structure of a hen house, its time to know how to light the inside and outside of the chicken coop.

Since chicken houses are made for rest and protection of your chickens it is important to keep the place sufficiently light up.

Using grid electricity is not always the best option to light up the chicken coop.

Solar powered lights will be an ideal and affordable solution for lighting up your chicken’s chicken coop.

There are two options which you can try to light up your hen house.

  1. Using portable, easy to hang and carry solar lights.
  2. Fixed solar lights with wired pv panels.

Both of the methods that I have provided will be suitable in various conditions.

Let’s look when which condition will be best for you.

1. Using hanging solar lights for chicken coop

The first case I am talking here is ideal when your chicken coop is installed in such an area where shadow is dominant.

You can take the solar lights away in the daytime to charge them somewhere else in a sunny area.

In the night time, you can again carry them back to the chicken house.

But this option will work only when your chicken coop is small else it will require so much effort everyday to detach and again hang the solar powered lights in the chicken coop.

2. Fixed solar lights with extended wired pV panels

If your hen house is situated in such area where ample sunlight is available, then this second solution will be the best for you.

The second case is when you don’t want to take the hassle of removing the solar powered lights everyday, wants more security and protection for your chickens.

Using solar powered lights with wired pv panels you can place the led solar lights inside the chicken house and mount the panels on the roof or on a pole nearby of the structure.

In this way, you can easily light up your chicken coop using solar powered lights.


Solar powered lights are an excellent way to light up chicken coop. There is no problem is using them for your chicken coop.

Solar lights being portable are a great source for lighting up your chicken coop.

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