How bright is 10 lumens solar light?

how bright is 10 lumens solar light

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If you are thinking of purchasing a solar light whose product specification says it’s brightness level is of 10 lumens, but you are unaware with how bright is 10 lumens solar light? Then, this post is for you.

In this post, I will explain what is a lumen, what 10 lumens means and how bright 10 lumens solar light will be?

Key Takeaway: A 10 lumens solar light will be bright in equivalent to the collective brightness of 10 candles.

What Is A Lumen?

Since we are discussing about lumens and brightness, it is utmost important to learn what is a lumen first.

Lumen is the standard unit of measurement for calculating the brightness of light. The more lumens a light source will have the more bright it will shine.

The word lumen is derived from the word illumination.

Technically, 1 lumen is equal to the brightness emitted by a candle placed 1 foot away from the source. i.e. 1 Lumen = 1 candle brightness

How bright is 10 lumens of light?

Now after learning about the 1 lumen and it’s brightness, it has become easier to know about the brightness of 10 lumens of light.

Since 1 lumen is equal to the brightness emitted by a single candle, 10 lumens brightness will be equal to the brightness emitted from 10 candles lighting together.

I have summarized it in a table form for you.

LumensCandle Brightness

1 lumen = 1 candle brightness, therefore, 10 lumens = 10 candle brightness

10 lumens means brightness emitted by the light source equivalent to the brightness of 10 candles lighting closely.

Just like I did the experiment to know the brightness of 5 lumens solar light, I again did the same experiment with 10 candles this time. Below is the image I clicked after the procedure.

As you can see in the image that the brightness emitting out from the candles is bright. It is not too bright nor too low. It is in their mid range.

I was able to see up to a distance of 1 foot clearly during the experiment. The room was also looking aesthetic.

Brightness Of A 10 Lumens Solar Powered Light?

Now from the experiment I showed you above, you may have got the idea of how bright a 10 lumens solar powered light is going to be.

A 10 lumens solar powered light will be bright enough to light up your pathways, deck, or fence properly. You will be able to see in the darkness using 10 lumens solar lights.

Although they will not be very bright but bright enough to bring shine to your outdoor space.

The brightness that can be expected from a 10 lumens solar powered light will be of sufficient quality. You can expect a moderately bright light shining your outdoor space in the form of 10 lumens solar powered light.


10 lumens in brightness is equal to the combined brightness of 10 candles closely placed together.

10 lumens solar powered light will be of the same brightness as if 10 candles are lighting up together closely. You will be able to use them in the dark without any problem.

They brightness emitted from them will be enough that you can even walk or see in the dark.

The amount of light generated from them will be perfect for lighting up small areas like pathways, fences, or decks.

If you are considering to light your pathways using 10 lumens solar powered light then go ahead without much thinking.

You can use them without any worry.

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