How bright is 5 lumens solar light?

how bright is 5 lumens solar light

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If you are thinking of purchasing a solar light which says it is 5 lumens bright, but you are confused with how bright is 5 lumens solar light? Then, this post is for you.

In this post, I will explain what is a lumen, what 5 lumens means and how bright 5 lumens solar light will be?

Key Takeaway: A 5 lumens solar light will be bright in equivalent to the collective brightness of 5 candles.

What is a Lumen?

Since we are discussing about lumens and brightness, it is utmost important to learn what is a lumen first.

Lumen is the standard unit of measurement for calculating the brightness of light. The more lumens a light will have the more bright it will shine.

The word lumen is derived from the word illumination.

Technically, 1 lumen is equal to the brightness emitted by a candle placed 1 foot away from the source. i.e. 1 Lumen = 1 candle brightness

What does 5 lumens mean?

Now we know what a lumen means. So after learning about the basics of a Lumen, it is easy for us to calculate the brightness of 5 lumens.

As we saw above that 1 lumen is equal to the brightness of a single candle then 5 lumens will be equal to the total brightness of 5 candles.

I have summarized it in a table form for you.

LumensCandle Brightness

1 lumen = 1 candle brightness, therefore, 5 lumens = 5 candle brightness

5 lumens means brightness emitted by the light source equivalent to the brightness of 5 candles.

To see how bright it will be, I did a experiment where I lighted up five candles in a dark room to check the overall brightness coming from them. Below is the photo.

experiment to check 5 lumens brightness using 5 candles

As you can see in the picture the light generated out from the candles is not that bright. But it is not less too. It is clearly lighting the surroundings. The area around the candle lights is clearly visible.

Brightness of a 5 lumens solar powered light?

Now from the experiment I showed you above, you may have got the idea of how bright a 5 lumens solar powered light is going to be.

Since 5 lumens brightness equals to 5 candles brightness, therefore, a 5 lumens solar powered light will not be too bright that it can light a big area but it will not be low enough to light a small area.

You can easily use them to light your pathway, fence, or deck.


5 lumens is equivalent to the combined brightness of 5 candles. The brightness that will be emitted by a 5 lumens solar powered light will not be of very high quality. That does not mean it will be less.

If you are considering to light your pathways using 5 lumens solar powered light then there will be no problem in using them.

The amount of light generated from them will be perfect for lighting up small areas like pathways, fences, or decks.

You can use them without any worry. Or if you want to go for a higher one but budget friendly lights, then you can check my post brightness of 10 lumens solar light.

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