How do I make my dollar tree solar lights brighter? 2 ways

How do I make my dollar tree solar lights brighter?

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Dollar tree solar lights are a great way to illuminate your yard or garden in cheap but they can be bit dim.

This can be frustrating if you are using them to light your pathways, porch, etc. If you are wondering How do I make my dollar tree solar lights brighter? than this article is for you.

In this article, I am sharing two methods which can help you to make dollar tree solar lights brighter.

How to make dollar store solar lights brighter?

There are two methods to turn your Dollar store tree lights brighter. These two methods are:

1. Using transparent glass marbles

The first method I am sharing with you to make the dollar solar powered lights shine more is by using transparent glass crystals/marbles.

This Dollar tree solar light hack is shared by PottsMamaBear on their Youtube channel.

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In this method 5-6 glass marbles are put inside the upper transparent glass body of the dollar tree solar powered light.

When the LED is lighted up, due to the refraction of the light the solar light seems more brighter. Cool isn’t it!

*You can use glass marbles of different colors to make your dollar solar lights colorful.

2. Using an inductor and upgrading the battery

Second method is more advanced method and requires you to open up the solar light.

This method will require some electronic items like an inductor, a bigger capacity battery, soldering wire, and not to mention, a solder.

In this method an inductor is used to increase the flow of current to the LED lights resulting them shining more bright.

Since more current will be drawing out from the battery there will be chance of solar lights not staying for long. For that reason rechargeable NiMH battery is used as an upgrade.

This method is shared by Electronicle on his Youtube channel where he has described it in a very easy to learn way.

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You can see how bright they become after replacing the inductor and rechargeable battery.


Dollar tree solar lights offer a great option to light up the outdoor without spending a big fortune or depending upon grid electricity. They are cheap and affordable. But they can be less bright then the more expensive solar lights available in the market.

In this article, I’ve discussed two quick and easy methods on how to make your Dollar Tree solar lights brighter.

By following these methods, I am sure you can make your Dollar Tree solar lights brighter and useful for many more years.